THE FACE CENTRE offers hair restoration services and cosmetic enhancement procedures

THE FACE CENTRE offers hair restoration services and cosmetic enhancement procedures

22 May 2023, New Delhi: Living in the midst of the city comes with its own external stressors, apart from the lifestyle that one adopts and adapts to, all of which affect us in their own ways.

One of the most widely affected and visible results of these stressors is hair thinning and hair loss. Even certain acquired factors like environmental pollution, smoking, lack of sleep, poor diet, work and lifestyle stress are causers, as well as reduced auto-immunity due to the above.

Age is an unavoidable factor that also causes hair loss, as are genetics – and here, we are talking about androgenetic alopecia i.e. male or female pattern baldness, and hormonal changes. With so many factors contributing to this affliction, it is of the utmost importance to get a correct diagnosis after a professional consultation.

Dr. Ishan Sardesai, a skilled hair transplant surgeon and owner at The Face Centre firmly stands by his experienced opinion in the fact that hair loss and thinning can first and foremost be most definitely controlled by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The treatment for hair restoration varies in range per a patient’s diagnosis, from topical anti hair-loss serums and specific multivitamin oral medication.

For cases that are more severe in nature, for which the underlying lifestyle concerns have been already adhered to, come the more intensive treatments. Says Dr. Sardesai, a certified, gold medallist aesthetician, “There are certain in clinic procedures such as hair mesotherapy, and platelet rich plasma or growth factor concentrate therapies, which stimulates new hair growth and thickens existing hair. Apart from that, depending upon a patient’s hair make-up, we prescribe anti hair-loss shampoos that contain the required prescription of vitamins that include biotin apart from specific nourishing agents like caffeine, saw palmetto and argan oil.”

He advises against self medication solutions, and stresses upon the importance of being aware of correct treatment solutions; the knowledge without which, could lead to further hair damage and loss. Although, while determining the quantity of minoxidil or redensyl and finasteride in either serums or tablets to tackle androgenetic alopecia, as well as therapies such as hair mesotherapy and gfc/prp that are all decisions that need to be taken by a trained expert, Dr. Sardesai recognizes the growing need for solutions that can be undertaken at home. To tackle this, he recommends lazer helmets that use laser phototherapy, and can be used twice daily at home. It is convenient, rechargeable, and easy to use, while helping stop hair loss when used long term.

Do consult a hair restoration surgeon or dermatologist or aesthetic doctor to help guide you with regards to the best treatment available.

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