Urge for Proactive Measures on World Hepatitis Day

Urge for Proactive Measures on World Hepatitis Day

Dr Bhararth Kumar A

Hyderabad’s rapid westernisation has led to a significant increase in liver diseases like metabolic dysfunction-associated fatty liver disease, alcohol-induced liver disease, and viral hepatitis. Inactive lifestyles, high-calorie and processed food consumption, and alcohol use are contributing to weight gain and liver issues. The burden of diabetes and high cholesterol levels further worsen the health status of the liver, potentially leading to serious consequences such as liver failure and liver cancer.

Addressing these pressing health concerns, Dr Bharath Kumar A, a leading Gastroenterologist from Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, highlights the significance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining an ideal body weight through a balanced diet and regular exercise is the most effective investment in preserving liver health.

Furthermore, he urges the public to undergo screening for hepatitis viruses and recommends early vaccination against Hepatitis B. While Hepatitis C can be cured with the highly effective antiviral drugs available, Hepatitis B can only be controlled through proactive measures. To prevent hepatitis viruses in India, individuals are advised to take injections from qualified medical personnel only and avoid unnecessary blood products or component transfusions and to follow safe sexual practices.

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