Varco® Leg Care Announces Patent Filings for Groundbreaking Phyto Formulations in Leading Leg Health Products

Varco® Leg Care Announces Patent Filings for Groundbreaking Phyto Formulations in Leading Leg Health Products

New Delhi, February 28, 2024Varco® Leg Care, the pioneering wellness company at the forefront of evidence-based phyto-solutions for holistic leg care, announced the filing of patents for four revolutionary new phyto-based formulations designed to redefine healthy leg care. These cutting-edge offerings – Varco Phyto Oil, Diafoot Cream, Ulsr Soothe Max and Veinocap – represent the next generation of responsible, natural care driven by intensive R&D focused on identifying botanical bioactives for precision delivery.

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Developed single-mindedly to address specific consumer needs by Varco® Leg Care’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Apurba Ganguly, the products feature proprietary phyto-formulations leveraging recent advances in phytotherapies. The patent filings underscore Varco® Leg Care’s immense commitment to continuous green innovation through biomedical science to elevate safe, natural phyto-based leg care to unprecedented levels. All four formulations are slated for launch within this year.

“These proprietary phyto-formulations reflect our dedication to rigorous research focused on consumer requirements. By harnessing the innate intelligence within medicinal botanicals and strategically engineering them for bioavailability, we have developed transformative solutions across a comprehensive range of leg care needs – from pain and inflammation to tissue repair and vascular structure rebuilding,” explained Dr. Apurba Ganguly, founder of Varco® Leg Care.

Revolutionizing Relief for Varicose Veins Holistically

Varco Phyto Oil is game-changing, harnessing the potency of circulation-enhancing botanicals for comprehensive varicose vein care, elevating capillary and valve health to unprecedented levels. Varco Phyto Oil utilises a patented phytotransdermal technology that delivers bioactive compounds from plants into the skin to rebuild vascular strength from within. This technology allows the natural active ingredients to penetrate deep into the tissues, leading to visible, sustained improvements in vascular health and appearance.

Breakthrough Topical Nerve Care Targeting Diabetic Neuropathy

Engineered specifically to address the considerable need for targeted diabetic nerve care, Diafoot Cream harnesses 14 plant extracts and ceramides to nourish nerves, improve microcirculation, accelerate skin barrier repair, soften calluses, and provide antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties for healthier feet and legs.

This first-of-its-kind patent-pending cream has been strategically designed to provide long-term diabetic neuropathy pain relief by combining ancient wellness practices with modern green science.

“The proprietary phyto-formulation in Diafoot Cream, with its advanced delivery system for sustained release, signifies our commitment to precision phyto care for diabetes-related nerve damage. We aim to continue expanding boundaries of innovation to provide effective plant-based healthcare solutions”, noted Dr Apurba Ganguly.

Comprehensive Phyto-botanical Solutions for Complete Leg Care

In addition to varicose veins and neuropathy, Varco Leg Care also offers Ulsr Soothe Max and Veinocap to address other pressing leg care concerns like non-healing foot ulcers and chronic venous insufficiency through phyto-formulations. Ulsr Soothe Max harnesses the wound-healing properties of botanicals to stimulate tissue regeneration for faster, scarless healing of stubborn foot ulcers. This formula features 4 photo vasoactive compounds plus proprietary complexes to promote wound healing, skin repair, microcirculation, and relief from chronic venous insufficiency as a systemic venoprotectant.

As Dr Apurba Ganguly, Chief Scientific Officer of Varco® Leg Care explained, “By relentlessly striving to synergize botanical wisdom with biomedical advances through dedicated R&D, we have successfully created phyto-based formulations that can address leg care needs with greater precision than ever before. Our patent-pending products signify Varco® Leg Care’s commitment to keep raising industry benchmarks for responsible leg health innovation”.

Varco® Leg Care has invested over a decade in studying evidence-based phytotherapies to unlock their immense potential responsibly through plant science. Their patent-pending phyto offerings represent the next generation in holistic leg care solutions developed through purpose-driven R&D focused on blending botanical power with technological innovation for safely delivering transformative, lasting relief. Going forward, Varco® Leg Care aims to continue exploring science-backed phyto-formulations to provide natural, holistic solutions addressing consumer needs around leg care and vascular health.

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