Winter Health Advisory: Health Experts Warn Against Rising Heart Attacks, Take Care of Eye

Winter Health Advisory: Health Experts Warn Against Rising Heart Attacks, Take Care of Eye

New Delhi, 26.12.2023: As winter tightens its grip, health experts have expressed their worries about the heightened risks of heart attacks and stressed on the importance of preventive eye care during the colder months. The chilling temperatures and unique seasonal factors contribute to an increased susceptibility to cardiovascular issues and eye-related complications.
Recent studies have also shown a notable rise in heart attack rates during the winter season. Cold weather constricts blood vessels and increases blood pressure, potentially triggering heart attacks, particularly in people with pre-existing cardiovascular conditions. Experts advise the public to remain vigilant about heart health during winter by maintaining regular exercise, a heart-healthy diet, and staying adequately warm.

Dr. Vijay Kumar, Sr. Consultant Intervention Cardiologist, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals says, “It is imperative to address the heightened risk of heart attacks during the winter season, a phenomenon attributed to a confluence of environmental factors. The surge in pollution levels during this time not only triggers inflammation but also intensifies respiratory challenges for those with pre-existing conditions such as asthma and smokers. Additionally, the plummeting temperatures burden the heart, necessitating increased effort and making individuals more susceptible to cardiac events.”

Dr Abhinit Gupta, Senior Consultant, Intervention Cardiologist, from Regency Healthcare says, “The constriction of blood vessels in colder weather poses a significant threat, particularly for hypertensive patients, amplifying the likelihood of debilitating brain strokes. Disturbingly, the data reveals a higher mortality rate post-heart attacks in winter compared to those occurring in the summer months. However, there is hope in adopting proactive lifestyle measures to counteract these risks. Regular exercise, moderate eating habits, and proper hydration with lukewarm water can play a pivotal role in mitigating the vulnerabilities associated with winter-induced heart attacks. As we navigate the colder months, individuals must prioritize their cardiovascular health through these practical steps, empowering themselves to weather the seasonal challenges with resilience and well-being.”

Dr. Rishi Raj Borah, Country Director – Orbis, a global nonprofit dedicated to preventing and treating avoidable blindness, emphasizes the significance of eye care during winter. He says, “The winter months present distinctive challenges to maintaining optimal eye health. Dry air, indoor heating, and exposure to harsh winter winds can lead to dry eyes, irritation, and even more severe conditions. Preventive measures, such as staying hydrated, using artificial tears, and protecting the eyes from harsh weather conditions, are crucial for preserving optimal eye health during this season.”

Orbis encourages people to schedule regular eye check-ups, especially for those with existing eye conditions. Early detection and timely intervention can prevent long-term damage and ensure continued eye health.

According to experts, regular health check-ups, adherence to a heart-healthy lifestyle, and proactive eye care can make a significant difference in preventing health complications associated with winter.

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