YourDOST commemorates World Mental Health Day…

YourDOST commemorates World Mental Health Day…

India, October 10, 2023: YourDOST (, one of India’s largest emotional wellness platforms, proudly joins the universal community in commemorating World Mental Health Day today, October 10, 2023, by reiterating its pledge to make emotional wellness support accessible to all. In recognition of this year’s theme, ‘Mental health is a universal human right’, YourDOST recognizes the fact that mental health is not merely an act of empathy but an assertion of our shared humanity. World Mental Health Day serves as a significant prompt that mental health is a fundamental human right, worthy of the same consideration and care as physical health. YourDOST resolutely trusts that no one should be deprived of the prospect of seeking emotional support and well-being.

Text Box: Key initiatives YourDOST has taken on to champion the Mental Wellbeing of All:

§ Increased Accessibility: YourDOST continues to increase its reach transversely in India, making sure that individuals from all walks of life can simply access mental health support

§ Community Engagement: YourDOST inspires discussions about mental health by conducting workshops, and awareness campaigns. The platform aims to reduce the stigma associated with seeking help for emotional well-being.

§ Enhanced Resources: The platform has curated immense mental health resources, including articles, blogs, and self-help tools, making valued information obtainable to those in need

§ Partnerships: YourDOST collaborates with corporations, schools, and institutions to promote mental health awareness and provide support to employees, students, and communitiesThe COVID-19 pandemic has transported mental health into persuasive focus, emphasizing the insistence on addressing the emotional and mental well-being of individuals and societies. YourDOST recognizes these extensive effects and remains devoted to its obligation of providing accessible, reasonable, and emotional care to all, regardless of geographical or communal barriers.

Ms. Richa Singh, CEO and Co-Founder of YourDOST, shared, “Mental health is a universal human right, and it is our shared obligation to confirm that every single individual has the opportunity to live a mentally and emotionally healthy life. World Mental Health Day is a touching reminder that we must invest in mental health support and break any hurdle that stops people from seeking help. At YourDOST, we are obliged to progress on this cause every day, and not only on this special day. Our approach is to make Mental Health fun and engaging for all, not only just accessible but also to truly be able to make #MentalHealthForAll.”

Currently, it has been also observed that organizations have been struggling with employee mental health issues for a few decades, and thus are now looking to generate avenues that can help employees in their professional as well as their personal lives. YourDOST has partnered with 200+ new corporates during the pandemic alone (Years 2020 and 2021) to help them with employee wellness. It offers technology-based emotional wellness solutions impacting all levels (individual, team organization) to ensure a resilient, empathetic and high-performing culture. YourDOST has worked with over 500+ organizations (corporations, colleges and schools) covering over 30 lakh lives to date. It has also started partnering with schools this year and is already counseling 25+ schools in Bangalore.

YourDOST encourages all to connect with those who may be in necessity of emotional support. By recognizing mental health as a universal human right, YourDOST expects we move closer to a world where all can access the care and understanding they deserve.

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