Ankura Hospital saves a woman with Caesarean Scar Pregnancy

Ankura Hospital saves a woman with Caesarean Scar Pregnancy

Hyderabad: 14th December 2023- Ankura Hospital, a premier hospital for women and children saved a woman aged 33 years from the Kompally Area of Hyderabad from a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy which has 0.05% incidence and affects 1 in 2000 births called Caesarean Scar Pregnancy (CSP). Dr Nabat Lakhani, a renowned Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician at Ankura Hospital for Women and Children, Kompally and the team of experts handled the case. In the realm of obstetrics, the complexities of pregnancy can occasionally bring unique complications like CSP, that are often misdiagnosed. With the global growth of caesarean sections, the frightening complications of CSP, like uterine rupture and catastrophic haemorrhage, loom as a significant concern.

Dr. Nabat Lakhani, Senior Consultant Gynaecologist and Ostetrician, Ankura Hospitals for Women and Children (1)

The woman came to Dr Lakhani with a complaint of lower abdomen pain. “While her menstrual cycle was normal and free of recent vaginal bleeding or spotting, her medical history revealed a previous caesarean section, two previous miscarriages, and a current battle with bronchial asthma. A complete physical examination performed by Dr. Lakhani indicated pain around the scar from her prior caesarean section. Initial scans revealed no intra- or extra-uterine pregnancy, necessitating further study. At roughly 5 weeks and 1 day, a transvaginal ultrasound revealed a well-defined gestational sac in the lower uterine section at the scar site, indicating a scar ectopic pregnancy.” Said Dr. Lakhani

Hysteroscopic resection of the pregnancy was done. Diagnosis confirmed by biopsy and clearance of products confirmed by scan. The patient remained stable throughout the procedure after a thorough cystectomy and full haemostasis. The patient made good postoperative progress, with no difficulties during her hospital stay.

The patient’s experience demonstrates the complex complications posed by Caesarean Scar Ectopic Pregnancy, as well as the importance of specialized treatment and quick intervention under Dr. Nabat Lakhani’s competence. The mere incidence shows the hospital’s and doctor’s effort to protect the well-being and safety of pregnant moms experiencing complicated pregnancy-related challenges, exemplifying a commitment to innovative and compassionate patient care.

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