Ariel University Spearheads Winning Initiative in Top Obesity Awareness Award

Ariel University Spearheads Winning Initiative in Top Obesity Awareness Award

15 December 2023: Ariel, Israel – In collaboration with Assuta Medical Centers, Meuhedet Health Services, and Maccabi Health Services, Ariel University proudly announces its pivotal role in securing the prestigious Best National Training Programme award in connection with World Obesity Day. This significant achievement, awarded by the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), highlights Ariel University’s leading contribution alongside the Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity.

In Israel, with a legal mandate for residents to enroll in one of four health maintenance organizations, Maccabi Health Services and Meuhedet stand as prominent institutions, serving over 3.6 million insured members. This represents a significant portion of the Israeli population, underscoring the extensive reach of our initiative.

During World Obesity Day 2023, a strategic online educational module was launched, targeting a reduction in weight bias and an increase in obesity awareness. This 15-minute module, distributed to Maccabi Health Services’ physicians and dietitians and all Meuhedet employees via email, was a product of collaborative efforts with top registered dietitians from each health maintenance organization.

This educational module, seamlessly integrated into the routine of healthcare professionals, is part of our commitment to continual education in health organizations. Developed initially for a research project at Assuta Medical Centers, in conjunction with Ariel University’s Nutrition Sciences Department, the module comprises four critical components:

1. Knowledge about Obesity: Including its definition, prevalence, risk factors, and treatment options.

2. Understanding Weight Bias, Stigma, and Discrimination: Their definitions and impact.

3. Strategies for Reducing Weight Bias: Implementing practical approaches in the healthcare setting.

4. Interactive Quiz: To reinforce learning and assess understanding.

For additional information about this educational module, please click here.

More details on the award and other winners can be found on the World Obesity Day Europe website at

Ariel University remains dedicated to leading advancements in healthcare education and promoting comprehensive understanding of obesity, thereby contributing to improved health outcomes for communities both locally and globally.

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