Dextrus partners with Padcare Labs to offer a Sustainable Sanitary Disposal Ecosystem to its clients

Dextrus partners with Padcare Labs to offer a Sustainable Sanitary Disposal Ecosystem to its clients

Mumbai, October 2023: Taking a further leap towards our core value of designing and offering conscious workplaces, Dextrus has forged a partnership with Padcare Labs to offer a sustainable ecosystem for sanitary waste management. This alliance between Dextrus and the world’s first innovative sanitary waste recycling technology company marks a significant step towards a cleaner, greener, and more conscious future.

Padcare Labs, renowned as the world’s first sanitary pad recycling technology, is on a mission to transform the way society deals with menstrual waste. Their innovative approach involves the deployment of specialized bins in women’s washrooms, where used sanitary napkins are safely stored for 30 days without any odor or bacterial growth. Once collected, these pads undergo Padcare’s patented technology, which recovers nearly 99 percent of the material, separating it into pulp and plastic.

The recovered pulp finds application across various industries, while the plastics are repurposed to manufacture Padcare bins. This circular model not only prevents CO2 emissions but also eliminates the toxic impact of menstrual waste in landfills.

Padcare goes beyond recycling; it offers transparency through a client dashboard, aligns with global sustainability standards, and even introduces automated sanitary napkin vending machines, all contributing to a healthier and more environmentally conscious world.

Dextrus has always worked towards creating conscious workspaces and has taken various actions towards that goal. For example, to reduce wastage of water we have created a system to collect and reuse rejected water from the Reverse Osmosis (RO) purification process. This rejected water, often discarded, is repurposed for non-potable uses like watering plants or flushing toilets.

Our partnership with Skrap has educated our team and our members on waste segregation and as a result helps ensure composting and recycling of waste materials. From time to time through our community engagement events, we educate our community about conscious practices, such as energy-efficient lighting, reducing paper usage, and implementing responsible printing policies.

Furthermore, we promote eco-friendly menstrual products provided by Saathi Pads to offer sustainable sanitary options in the workspace. The new partnership with Padcare Labs is a consistent effort and a byproduct of our mindset.

A Unified Vision for a Sustainable Future

Dextrus collaboration with Padcare Labs represents a sincere effort to bring end-to-end solutions to feminine waste management. The aim is to work towards preventing non-degradable waste from ending up in landfills and adding to pollution, especially given the environmental impact of plastic-based sanitary pads.

Additionally, this partnership offers a cleaner and more efficient disposal method, reducing the burden on our housekeeping staff and contributing to a more sustainable workplace. By hosting workshops and interactive activities, Dextrus is trying to add value to the employees of both internal and external clients.

It is significant to also emphasize this collaboration also aligns with Dextrus’s long-term objective of achieving a Zero Waste Office, reflecting its commitment to making small but meaningful changes for a more sustainable world.

Onboard toward a more conscious Future of Work.

By working in conjunction with evolving technological solutions and supporting ideas focussed towards fostering a cleaner, more sustainable planet, our aim is to take small yet impactful actions in contributing to what can be a more conscious future of work.

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