Dr. Pratik Becomes the Youngest Indian Appointed as Dean in London, UK

Dr. Pratik Becomes the Youngest Indian Appointed as Dean in London, UK

This historic moment is a testament to Dr. Pratik’s unwavering dedication and exceptional expertise in the field of education. His impressive appointment not only signifies a personal triumph but also brings great pride and honor to the entire Indian community.

Dr. Pratik expressed his gratitude, saying, “I am truly humbled by this recognition and would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who have supported me throughout my journey.”

This is a momentous occasion that calls for celebration, and it’s with great anticipation that we look forward to the remarkable contributions Dr. Pratik will make to the world of education in the coming year.

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For those seeking accredited British courses and degrees with scholarships, Dr. Pratik is available to provide further information on enrollment. His expertise and leadership promise to make a significant impact on the educational landscape.

Dr. Pratik’s journey to the esteemed role of Dean and Emeritus at the Duke of Edinburgh School for Professionals and Continuing Education in London has been nothing short of inspiring. He expressed, “It’s an honor and a privilege to take on this position, and I’m excited about the opportunities it presents.”

Join us in celebrating this incredible achievement, and follow the journey of #DrPratikDean2023 as he continues to champion #EducationExcellence in the UK and beyond. This is undoubtedly a #ProudMoment for the entire Indian community

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