ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Unveils Cutting-Edge R&D Centre in Navi Mumbai

ENTOD Pharmaceuticals Unveils Cutting-Edge R&D Centre in Navi Mumbai

New Delhi, January 31st , 2024: ENTOD Pharmaceuticals is inaugurating its state-of-the-art Research & Development Centre in Navi Mumbai on Sunday, January 28th. The DSIR approved research laboratory is equipped with the latest molecular and formulation research tools, microbiology testing facilities, sterile batch production capacity, and high-end Quality Assurance/Quality Control analytical equipments.

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The new R&D Centre underscores ENTOD’s commitment to pioneering pharmaceutical innovation, contributing to India’s aspirations to become a value-driven innovation hub in the specialty pharmaceutical space. The facility will focus on developing next-generation molecules using generative AI platforms, particularly in the ophthalmic, ENT, Paediatrics and skincare segments. Some of these groundbreaking molecules are expected to be indigenous to India, marking a significant stride towards global pharmaceutical leadership.

Mr Kishore Masurkar, Chairman of ENTOD Pharmaceuticals, stated, “Beyond its cutting-edge technology, this R&D center is a significant step forward in achieving our mission to save and sustain lives. By addressing unmet needs through innovation, we aim to make a lasting impact on patients not only in India but throughout the world. The inauguration heralds a new era where healthcare boundaries are pushed for the greater good.”

The inaugural event will be graced by esteemed chief guests including the renowned ophthalmologist and philanthropist Dr. Kulin Kothari, renowned ENT surgeon and otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Ashesh Bhumkar, renowned paediatrician Dr. Suhash Prabhu, renowned dermatologist and cosmetologist Dr Kiran V Godse and ex-chemistry teacher of the highest reputed Jamnabai Narsee Schoo Mrs. Shallette Luis.

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Mrs Bharati S Jadhav, Senior Scientific Manager at Entod Pharmaceuticals, expressed her enthusiasm, saying, “As we inaugurate our state-of-the-art R&D Centre, we step into a new era of pharmaceutical excellence. ENTOD is proud to contribute to India’s pharmaceutical innovation journey. This facility reflects our dedication to pioneering research, ultimately shaping the future of healthcare in India.”

Mr Dhananjay Thakur, Head of Quality Assurance at ENTOD Pharmaceuticals added “The inauguration of our advanced R&D Centre signifies a commitment to innovation and research-driven healthcare. We envision this facility as a nucleus for transformative discoveries, where our team will work relentlessly to develop pharmaceutical solutions that redefine healthcare norms. This endeavor aligns with our larger mission of placing India at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation globally.”

For over 46 years, Entod Pharmaceuticals has been at the forefront of ENT, Ophthalmology, Paediatrics, and Dermatology, showcasing expertise in the R&D segment of the pharmaceutical industry. Positioned at the nexus of new technological advancements, Entod is poised to align with industry standards, ensuring enhanced services for the Indian Healthcare Industry in the foreseeable future.

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