Eye-Q Hospitals Marks 17 Years of Excellence, Surpassing 6 lakh Plus Successful Surgeries and providing treatment

Eye-Q Hospitals Marks 17 Years of Excellence, Surpassing 6 lakh Plus Successful Surgeries and providing treatment

New Delhi, 17th January 2024: Eye-Q Hospitals, a premier provider of high-quality eye care services, proudly announces counselling 75 lac patients since inception. It has also performed over 6 lac vision-changing surgeries. The brand is moving in line with its ambition of changing the vision of the nation. Understanding the fact that majorly with new technologies and treatments coming in the country a lot of blind people can have their vision back with timely surgeries and correct diagnosis, Eye Q has begun this larger revolution at all the social levels in India.

Operating in four states and 29 cities, Eye-Q has strategically expanded its footprint to become a prominent player in the eye care sector. With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 80, the company underscores its commitment to customer satisfaction, reflecting the positive experiences of individuals who have availed themselves of Eye-Q’s services.

Moreover, Eye-Q takes pride in fostering diversity within its workforce, as 40% of its staff comprises women employees. This dedication to inclusivity not only contributes to a vibrant and balanced workplace but also aligns with the broader objective of promoting women entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry.

The hospital chain has also played a pivotal role in uplifting healthcare standards in smaller cities, where access to quality medical services may be limited. Having trained over 9000 healthcare workers, primarily from these underserved areas, Eye-Q has positively impacted thousands of families in the heart of Bharat. By investing in the education and empowerment of healthcare professionals in smaller cities, Eye-Q not only addresses critical healthcare gaps but also catalyzes socio-economic progress at the grassroots level.

“Our commitment to technological advancements is evident with the introduction of cutting-edge technologies such as Bladeless Femto Cataract, I-LASIK, and SiLK. These innovations highlight Eye-Q’s dedication to staying at the forefront of advancements in the field of eye care. We are not just introducing tech, but work at grassroot level too. This impacts the entire social-economic scenario in the country,” said Dr. Ajay Sharma, Founder and CMD for Eye-Q Hospitals.

“At Eye-Q, we believe in the transformative power of cutting-edge technology in eye care. Our commitment is to pioneer innovation, ensuring our patients benefit from the latest advancements. With state-of-the-art solutions, we illuminate a clearer, brighter future for vision health, ” said Rajat Goel,CO-Founder and CEO, Eye Q.

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