From Assistive Dogs to Medical Cobots: Addverb Pioneers the Future of Robotics

From Assistive Dogs to Medical Cobots: Addverb Pioneers the Future of Robotics

From Assistive Dogs to Medical Cobots: Addverb Pioneers the Future of RoboticsIndia, 01st March 2024:  Addverb, a global leader in robotic and automation solutions, proudly introduces a triumphant trio of revolutionary robots at LogiMAT India 2024, poised to redefine efficiency, safety, and adaptability across various industries. The unveiling includes India’s first-ever Assistive Dog robot; an advanced medical cobot for rehabilitation and imaging; and a collaborative robot (cobot) designed to enhance operational efficiency and safety.

Trakr, India’s first Assistive Dog robot, represents a technological milestone, engineered for agility and perception. Its versatility extends across industries such as construction, oil exploration, defence, and security. Operating autonomously, Trakr excels in facility inspections, patrols, and surveillance, making it a pioneering addition to any workforce.

Heal, the medical cobot, transforms healthcare with an innovative approach to rehabilitation and imaging. Specialising in collaborative human-robot interactions, Heal focuses on physical and rehabilitation therapy for stroke patients and aids in remote imaging procedures like ultrasound and MRI scans. Its versatility shines in laboratory settings, streamlining routine activities and showcasing its potential to revolutionise medical services. Addverb has entered the healthcare robotics sector with the introduction of Heal, marking the beginning of new advancements in the industry.

Syncro, the collaborative robot, represents a new era of workplace collaboration and productivity in warehouses and factories, engineered to work alongside humans in shared spaces. Boasting advanced safety features, adaptability, and ease of use, Syncro finds application across diverse tasks from manufacturing to logistics. Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless integration into existing workflows, promising to elevate efficiency and safety standards across industries.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, Addverb, said, “The introduction of Trakr, Heal, and Syncro represents a significant stride towards revolutionising various industries. Trakr’s agility, Heal’s medical advancements, and Syncro’s collaborative prowess promise to redefine operational standards. We’re proud to offer solutions that not only enhance efficiency but also cater to diverse industry needs, marking a milestone in flexible automation. With these advancements, Addverb solidifies its position as a global leader, catalysing positive transformations across diverse sectors and propelling Addverb onto the global stage.”

In unveiling Trakr, Heal, and Syncro at LogiMAT India 2024, Addverb reaffirms its commitment towards exploring new possibilities in the realms of robotics and automation. These solutions, tailored to different industries, promise enhanced efficiency and collaborative automation. From Trakr’s versatility to Heal’s precision in healthcare and Syncro’s adaptability in manufacturing, Addverb aims to streamline processes and integrate innovative technologies into everyday operations, shaping the future of automation.

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