India needs a national cancer registry: Dr Kalyan Polavarapu

India needs a national cancer registry: Dr Kalyan Polavarapu

Hyderabad, February 3, 2024..…FTCCI in association with Lions Clubs and Telangana and Andhra Plastics Manufacturers Association (TAAPMA) organised a Seminar with the theme Let’s Conquer Cancer on the eve of World Cancer Day on Saturday at FTCCI in Red Hills in Hyderabad. World Cancer Day is observed on 4th February

Meela Jayadev see welcoming Dr Patti Hill_Lions Intl President to the seminar

Speaking on the occasion Dr Kalyan Polaravarapu, a Surgical Oncologist said the uncontrolled growth of abnoral cells in the body is cancer. The cancer cases are on the rise all over the world. 19 to 20 lakh cancer cases were reported in India last year, whereas real incidence is 1.5 to 3 times more than the reported cases. That is because unfortunately, we don’t have a cancer national registry like in the West. So we don’t know the exact number of cases, he said

Speaking further he added that India has a poor cancer detection rate of 29%. The five most common cancers among women in India are Breast Cancer, Oral Cancer, Cervical Cancer, Lung Cancer and Gastric Cancer Whereas in men are Oral Cancer, Lung Cancer, Stomach Cancer, Colorectal Cancer and Esophageal cancer, he said. Indians consult doctors when recovery is difficult he said. We must fight cancer. Together we must challenge those in power, the surgical oncologist told 300 plus audience.

The second highest number of people are losing lives to cancer after cardiac ailments, he said. Any ulcer in the mouth which is not cured in three weeks needs to be viewed seriously and consulted with doctors. Cancer screening in India is the lowest and it is below 5%, Dr Kalyan said.

Speaking on the occasion Dr Patti Hill, the Intl President of Lions Clubs Intl said the Multiple Dist 320 of Lions have taken up 299 cancer-related activities and impacted about 72,000 people showing their commitment to do something in this area. Cancer is a deadly disease, but, working together helps. Together we are stronger. Partnering together we are even stronger.

Lion Dr Patti Hill_Meela Jayadev_Babu Rao_R Sunil Kumar at the seminar

Lions Foundation supported with grants to the extent of 2.6 million US dollars. Children are at high risk as 80% of kids diagnosed are not surviving, whereas the survival rate in the West is much as same, but it is much lower in developing nations. A lot of people die not because there is no treatment but because of late diagnosis and lack of access to the treatment she said.

The Past International Director of Lion R Sunil Kumar said 80% of cancer-affected children live in low and middle-income countries. And only 10% survive. whereas the survival rate in the West is 80%. So children in lower and middle-income countries need more attention

Lion Babu Rao, International Director of Lions Intl said Lions have been rendering yeoman service including cancer awareness

Dr Pavan Kumar B, Dr Harish NL and Dr Pranneth from different hospitals spoke on different topics with more focus on Palliative Care i.e. how to provide a dignified life at the end stage of life. President of FTCCI Mr Meela Jayadev and President TAAPMA A Dayakar spoke on the occasion. Shekhar Agarwal, Lion Dr Prakash Rao, Lion Teegala Mohan Rao and others participated.

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