India’s Winter Pollution Woes: Alkem Laboratories’ ‘Healthy Lungs’ Initiative Aims to Clear the Air

India’s Winter Pollution Woes: Alkem Laboratories’ ‘Healthy Lungs’ Initiative Aims to Clear the Air

New Delhi/Mumbai: With the onset of winter, India’s air quality takes a dangerous plunge, exposing its citizens to heightened levels of pollution and a surge in pulmonary stress. As the world grapples with environmental challenges, Alkem Laboratories spread awareness about the harrowing issue of winter pollution and its adverse effects impacting stress on lungs called pulmonary stress through its initiative ‘Healthy Lungs’

Winter in India not only brings chilly temperatures but also an alarming rise in air pollution. Recent studies reveal that 14 out of the 20 most polluted cities globally are located in India, with air pollution levels escalating during the winter season. This, in turn, contributes to rising cases of pulmonary stress causing exacerbations of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and asthma, during the colder months. Data from the World Health Organization underscores the urgency of this campaign, indicating that over a million people succumb to air pollution-related diseases in India annually. The time to act is now, and Alkem Laboratories Limited is at the forefront of this battle.

Sudipta Roy

Sudipta Roy, President and Head of Acute Business at Alkem Laboratories Limited, expressed the importance of their ongoing patient initiative, Healthy Lungs, which can be accessed at Mr. Roy stated, “The statistics are staggering. Air pollution in India resulted in 1.67 million deaths in 2019, marking the largest pollution-related death toll in any country worldwide. The economic losses associated with this crisis amounted to a staggering $36.8 billion. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye to these alarming figures.”

What sets India apart is the extent to which air pollution exceeds international guidelines. On average, India’s cities surpass the World Health Organization’s recommended limits for PM2.5 in the atmosphere by a staggering 500%. This dangerous phenomenon can be attributed to emissions from vehicular traffic, the burning of fossil fuels in households, particularly by economically disadvantaged families, and the fumes emanating from waste burning. The consequences are devastating, especially for those living in densely populated urban areas.

‘Healthy Lungs’ aims to raise awareness about the gravity of the situation and empower citizens with the knowledge and tools to protect their respiratory health during the challenging winter months. The initiative will focus on advocating for cleaner air and providing guidance on mitigating exposure to harmful pollutants. The initiative also conducts >600 camps and clinics across India to facilitate early diagnosis and treatment of respiratory ailments. These timely interventions have started making a significant difference in managing respiratory conditions like Asthma and COPD. Additionally, Alkem Laboratories will work towards promoting research and development in the field of respiratory medicine to provide innovative solutions and therapies for those affected by pulmonary stress.

“By launching this campaign, Alkem Laboratories Limited is taking a proactive role in combating the dire consequences of winter pollution in India. The company believes that every individual has the right to breathe clean and healthy air, regardless of the season. Together, we can make a significant impact in reducing the pulmonary stress that plagues our nation during the winter months.”, added Sudipta Roy.

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