Introducing SKUCCII: India’s First Luxe Supercliniq Elevating Aesthetic Care to New Heights

Introducing SKUCCII: India’s First Luxe Supercliniq Elevating Aesthetic Care to New Heights

Step into a captivating world where the fusion of feeling wonderful and looking outstanding intertwines. SKUCCII Supercliniq, India’s first of a new generation of luxury face, skin, hair, body, aesthetic gynecology, intimate wellness, and IV rejuvenation Supercliniq, has officially opened its doors, right here in South Mumbai.

Nestled within Raghuvanshi Mills in South Mumbai, every visit to SKUCCII Supercliniq promises an invigorating experience that will leave you radiating joy and confidence. From the expansive, temperature-controlled space to the luxuriously laid out treatment suites, and several India-first aesthetic technologies, SKUCCII Supercliniq sets unprecedented standards in luxury and wellness.

SKUCCII Supercliniq brings together the expertise of its five visionary founders: Dr. Meghna Mour’s dermatological prowess, Karan Mahana’s entrepreneurial spirit, Mahendra More’s strategic insights, Pallavi More’s artistic touch, and Kamal Mour’s global sourcing know-how. Their mission is to redefine personalized aesthetic care by offering an unmatched experience for all.

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Dr. Meghna Mour, co-founder and Medical Head of SKUCCII Supercliniq shared, “SKUCII Supercliniq embodies our unwavering commitment to creating a transformative haven where every individual can embark on a journey of holistic rejuvenation. Our treatments are designed by Medicine, Crafted by technology, and Pampered by luxury. SKUCCII Supercliniq will redefine personalized care and luxurious well-being.” She comes with over 21 years of experience and notable qualifications – M.B.B.S, D.D.V, D.V.D (Mumbai), Laser Specialist (Australia), and Clinical Management from IIM Ahmedabad.

Now you don’t need to travel to Paris, London, LA, Korea, or Dubai, SKUCCII Supercliniq ensures perfection from head to toe without the hassle of international trips. Whether it’s your hair, your skin, or even something you never knew you needed a boost in, this place is your Supercliniq for all things fabulous. Pioneering a new era in luxury aesthetic care, SKUCCII Supercliniq presents a comprehensive suite of 37+ multi-specialty treatments with groundbreaking aesthetic procedures.

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SKUCCII Supercliniq will also be the first to bring sought-after aesthetic technologies all in one supercliniq, like the Hydrafacial MD, known for its unmatched skin and hair rejuvenation, and Exion, designed to address various skincare concerns, to India. Adding to their list of firsts, they proudly offer the complete BTL Lounge, featuring the transformative Emsculpt Neo for unparalleled body sculpting, the Emface for comprehensive facial rejuvenation, the versatile Exion catering to various skin concerns, and the remarkable Emsella redefining the wellness landscape. That’s not all – they also house the first Emerald laser for effective body fat reduction, the Exion RF for comprehensive skin rejuvenation, and the Ballancer Pro for detox and fat reduction under one roof in India, setting a new standard in skincare. It’s an experience you won’t find anywhere else but at SKUCCII Supercliniq

Get set to be amazed, thrilled, and ready to take on the world as SKUCCII Supercliniq brings the party to your wellness routine. It’s time to shine, dazzle, and make every day feel like a celebration!

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