Jim Sarbh spreads his wisdom on Oral care with Perfora

Jim Sarbh spreads his wisdom on Oral care with Perfora

Perfora, an innovative oral care brand based in India, has unveiled its latest campaign featuring renowned actor Jim Sarbh, who imparts valuable wisdom and insights on oral care.

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In this dynamic campaign, Jim Sarbh, known for his versatile acting and influential presence, collaborates with Perfora to emphasize the significance of oral hygiene. The campaign spotlights Sarbh’s insightful discourse on the significance of oral care while shedding light on the harmful effects of toxic ingredients in conventional products.

Jatan Khurana, the co-founder of Perfora, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Having Jim Sarbh on board for our campaign aligns perfectly with our vision of encouraging oral care as a vital aspect of holistic health. His influence and dedication to spreading awareness make this collaboration incredibly meaningful for us.

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Tushar Khurana, co-founder of Perfora, added, “Jim Sarbh’s natural charisma and candid advocacy for oral health make him an ideal ambassador for our brand. His authenticity resonates with our commitment to transparency and quality.”

The campaign featuring Jim Sarbh aims to educate and inspire individuals to prioritize oral care without compromising on ingredients quality. Perfora continues to spearhead innovation in personal care, ensuring a healthier future for consumers worldwide.

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