Makoons Join Hands with Leading Hospitals to Promote Child Health and Well-being

Makoons Join Hands with Leading Hospitals to Promote Child Health and Well-being

New Delhi, 7th June 2024 – Makoons, a pioneering name in early childhood education and development, proudly announces its collaboration with renowned hospitals to spearhead initiatives focused on promoting the health and well-being of young children. Through strategic partnerships with esteemed healthcare institutions such as Manipal Hospital, GZB, Manipal Hospital, Patiala, Yatharth Hospital in Greater Noida and Noida, Mother Land Hospital in Noida, Pihu Dental Hospital in Noida, and Apple Hospital in Indore, Makoons aims to extend its commitment to nurturing every aspect of a child’s growth, including their physical health across all its branches.

These partnerships signify Makoons‘ dedication to providing comprehensive care for children beyond traditional education. By offering essential healthcare services such as general and dental check-ups, Makoons ensures that children receive the holistic care they deserve from an early age. Through these initiatives, parents can have the assurance that their child’s health needs are being addressed in a supportive and professional environment.

Regionally, Makoons’ hospital tie-ups cater to communities in various locations, including Delhi NCR, Patiala, and Indore. With a focus on accessibility and inclusivity, Makoons aims to reach as many children and families as possible, ensuring that quality healthcare services are within reach for everyone.

Promoting child health and well-being is crucial for laying the foundation for a healthy future generation. Makoons believes that investing in early health interventions ensures physical wellness and contributes to cognitive and emotional development. By prioritizing comprehensive care, Makoons aims to empower children to thrive, fostering a society where every child can reach their full potential.

On average, Makoons conducts 1-2 health camps per month in collaboration with its partner hospitals, allowing parents and caregivers to conveniently avail themselves of essential healthcare services for their children. These camps serve as invaluable platforms for raising awareness about the importance of early health interventions and preventive care, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of children.

Commenting on this initiative, Mr Vijay Kumar Agarwal expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “At Makoons, we understand the critical role that health plays in a child’s overall development. By joining forces with leading hospitals, we aim to empower parents with the knowledge and resources to ensure their child’s optimal health and well-being from the beginning.”

Makoons remains committed to providing holistic care and education to children, fostering their growth into healthy, happy, and well-rounded individuals. Through initiatives such as these hospital partnerships, Makoons continues to set new benchmarks in early childhood development, demonstrating its unwavering dedication to nurturing the next generation.

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