Neuberg Diagnostics and Shanya Scans, Unveiling cutting edge insights in interventional radiology, oncology and oncopathology

Neuberg Diagnostics and Shanya Scans, Unveiling cutting edge insights in interventional radiology, oncology and oncopathology

Neuberg Diagnostics in association with Shanya Scans & Theranostics conducted a mega CME including Oncology, Fetal Medicine, Interventional Radiology, and Oncopathology organized at The Centrum Lucknow. “The Penton 1.0: North India.” This event promises a deep dive into the realms of Oncology, Nuclear Medicine, Fetal Medicine, Interventional Radiology, and Oncopathology, as we explore “Recent Advances,” engage in a stimulating “Panel Discussion,” conduct a “Virtual Tumor Board,” and celebrate “Diagnostics Excellence.”

Prof Dr. Rakesh Kapoor Medical Director, Medanta Lucknow, and Ex-Director Sanjay Gandhi PGI Lucknow have chaired this event with more than 160 key speakers including doctors of Lucknow and the north region.

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Neuberg Diagnostics in association with Shanya Scans & Theranostics provided Continuing Medical Education (CME), is proud to announce an enriching and comprehensive program catering to healthcare professionals in the fields of oncology, interventional radiology, and Oncopathology. The motive of this CME is to foster knowledge exchange, skill enhancement, and collaboration among practitioners.

The Gynae Academic Welfare Association (GAWA) Lucknow has also graced the event with the honoured participation of their Hon’ble board members including Dr. Chandrawati (President) Dr. Manju Shukla (Vice President) and Dr. Priti Kumar(Secretary) highlighted the specialized sessions delving into the latest advancements in oncology treatment modalities, interventional radiology techniques, and Oncopathology diagnostics. This unique educational opportunity strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice, empowering healthcare professionals to deliver superior patient care.

Dr. Vigyan Mishra who is chief of the lab in Neuberg Says, in collaboration with Shanya Scans and Theranostics proudly organized the CME event “Penton 1.0”. The symposium exemplified our commitment to advancing medical education and fostering collaboration within the healthcare community. As we navigate the path of knowledge, Neuberg remains dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals with cutting-edge insights and expertise. Our commitment to advancing medical knowledge is reflected in the thoughtfully curated agenda, ensuring that participants gain practical skills and stay abreast of evolving industry trends.

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Dr Naresh who is the director at Shanya Scans and theronautics says “Shaping the future of healthcare requires a collective commitment to innovation and compassion. As we navigate the intricate landscape of medical advancements, let us remember that every decision we make has the power to mold a healthier tomorrow. Embrace technology with a human touch, ensuring that the pulse of empathy beats alongside the rhythm of progress. In the realm of healthcare, our actions echo in the lives we touch. With dedication and collaboration, we sculpt a landscape where wellness is not just a destination but a shared journey. Together, let us carve a path that prioritizes not only curing ailments but fostering a culture of well-being and resilience.”

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