Prega News Supports Every Couple’s Family Planning Choices with New Campaign

Prega News Supports Every Couple’s Family Planning Choices with New Campaign

National, May 1, 2024: Prega News, the leading pregnancy test kit brand from Mankind Pharma with a market share of 85%, has unveiled a powerful new video campaign titled #LetThemDecide. The poignant film highlights the societal pressures on women to have a second child, and reinforces that the choice should ultimately rest with the couple themselves. According to the Union Health Ministry’s National Family Health Survey, 76% of married women in India do not want a second child. Yet this rational choice is often undermined by ingrained societal norms.

The thought-provoking video centers around Shilpa, a married woman with one child. Through relatable vignettes, it portrays the constant pressure and scrutiny Shilpa faces about planning for a second baby. Despite her visible discomfort, the refrain that a family is “incomplete” with only one child rings loud.

Prega News Mother's Day - Campaign

“With #LetThemDecide, we are initiating an important conversation that needs to be had, that the decision to have a child should lie solely with the couple themselves,” said Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales and Marketing Head of Mankind’s Consumer Business Unit. “For too long, women have been subjected to pressures from family and society on this deeply personal matter. By sharing Shilpa’s all-too-common story, we want to champion and celebrate a woman’s right to make this choice freely, without any guilt or coercion.”

“We believe open communication, mutual respect and freedom of choice are critical pillars for every healthy relationship and family unit,” Chatterjee added. “With #LetThemDecide, Prega News aims to spark this very dialogue in living rooms across India. As the nation’s #1 pregnancy test kit brand trusted by millions of women, we feel it’s time to stop pressuring couples and instead support their choices in family planning. It is said that a content mother fosters a happy family, and we wish every mother a fulfilling experience as she embarks on her motherhood journey. We proudly stand behind every couple, celebrating their decisions whether they plan for one child or two.”

Blending incisive insights with emotional storytelling, the #LetThemDecide campaign is part of Prega News and Mankind Pharma’s larger commitment to drive positive social change. By addressing systemic gender biases and inspiring families to respect a couple’s decision of family planning.

The #LetThemDecide video will be launched across digital platforms and amplified through strategic promotions by Prega News. As India’s #1 pregnancy test kit, Prega News is well-positioned to raise awareness on women’s empowerment. As the brand evolves into a comprehensive pre, during, and post-expert pregnancy care partner, the #LetThemDecide video is the latest initiative aligned with Prega News’ commitment to promoting diversity, inclusion and women’s advancement across India.

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