QNET India Launches Healthy Living Campaign, introduces Nutriplus Natose Recipe

QNET India Launches Healthy Living Campaign, introduces Nutriplus Natose Recipe

April 5, 2024: In celebration of World Health Day, QNET India has kicked off a vibrant social media initiative labeled #HealthyLiving with Natose Stevia. This campaign aims to spotlight the importance of reducing sugar intake and embracing healthier alternatives like stevia, a natural sweetener.

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With engaging content, QNET urges people worldwide to prioritize healthy living as a personal responsibility. By swapping sugar with stevia, individuals can enjoy sweetness without the negative health effects associated with excess sugar consumption. Natose Stevia, being a natural, zero-calorie option, avoids spikes in blood sugar levels, making it ideal for weight management, diabetes management, and overall health improvement. Its natural composition, absence of artificial flavors, minimal calories, and low glycemic index position it as a top choice for all age groups. Exclusively available on the QNET India e-store, one can explore the Nutriplus Natose product.

On the occasion of World Health Day, Chef Ayesha Nallaseth, in collaboration with QNET India, unveiled her fitness journey and the role Nutriplus Natose played in it. Through a recently released video, Ayesha candidly discusses the dangers of white sugar and praises Nutriplus Natose as her sweet salvation. Natose, a natural sugar substitute with zero calories, is perfect for sweetening foods and beverages, and it can even be used for baking and cooking! Chef Ayesha showcased a delightful breakfast recipe for Stevia-based Nutriplus Natose Choco Chip Cookies, demonstrating that anyone, regardless of age, can embrace fitness from the comfort of their own home.

“What better way to sweeten life naturally? Unlike other sweeteners on the market, Nutriplus Natose leaves no aftertaste in your mouth. This World Health Day, we’re proud to reaffirm our Nutriplus brand commitment to healthy living every day,” commented Nischal C, Head of Corporate Communications, QNET India region.

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