Sensodyne partners with Indian Dental Association to honour dentists for their contribution to healthcare on World Dentist’s Day

Sensodyne partners with Indian Dental Association to honour dentists for their contribution to healthcare on World Dentist’s Day

4th October 2023, Gurgaon: Sensodyne, a leading oral care brand from the house of Haleon (erstwhile GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare) has partnered with the Indian Dental Association (IDA) to recognize and celebrate the role of dentists in ensuring good oral health of their patients around World Dentist’s Day celebrated on 03rd October.

To honor the role of these Oral Health experts in the dentist community, Sensodyne and IDA have co-created a first-of-its-kind platform for dentists to discuss the latest in the science of dentistry that would enable them to work towards superior patient outcomes. This platform was also utilized to felicitate the senior dentists for their stellar contributions to dentistry.

As a part of this initiative, multiple conclaves are being hosted across cities with the most recent one in Gurgaon. The participants discussed key oral health issues, the need for proactive health care, and some of the most challenging cases they have handled. This helped in identifying common issues and exploring innovative solutions.

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Senior doctors in Gurgaon Dr. Harish Choudhary and Dr. H.K. Behl were honored at the event for their exceptional contributions to dentistry. Dr. Choudhary has been practicing in Gurgaon for the last 50 years and has previously worked as a Dental Surgeon in Civil Hospital Gurgaon and Rewari till 1971. Dr. Behl has been a dental surgeon in the Ministry of Health Iran for 8 years and has now been doing private practice in Gurugram for the last 34 years.

Other dignitaries who attended the event were Dr. Mandeep Yadav-Honorary secretary of IDA Gurgaon; Dr. V P Singh, President – of IDA Gurgaon, Dr. Gaurav Gupta-Treasurer IDA Gurgaon; Dr. Sushil Kawatra- Vice President IDA Gurgaon and Dr. Amita Sharma- President Elect IDA Gurgaon.

Expressing her thoughts on this partnership, Ms. Anurita Chopra, Head of Marketing, India Subcontinent, Haleon, said, “Our mouth is the gateway to our entire body, making Oral health integral for our overall health. The role of dentists in our lives is extremely crucial to not just maintain long-term health, but also enable small joys that are possible, thanks to the good oral health that they enable. We are honored to partner with the Indian Dental Association on this World Dentist’s Day and acknowledge to the invaluable contribution of dentists. We hope to raise awareness on the need for regular dental appointments, thus motivating people to prioritize their oral health and foster a healthier future for all.”


On this occasion, Dr Ashok Dhoble, Hon. Secretary General, of the Indian Dental Association said “IDA is committed to increasing the awareness of oral health in India. The mindset towards Oral Health needs to be moved from curative to preventive. This conclave is a step towards recognizing the efforts of our esteemed dentists for their contributions to the field of oral health. It is a testament to both Haleon and IDA’s commitment to servicing Indians by taking care of their oral health.”

As the leading sensitivity toothpaste brand, Sensodyne also celebrated the importance of dentists on this World Dentist’s Day by launching four short digital films which call them #DoctorsOfJoy. These films were showcased at the conference as well in the honour of the dentists.

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