Social Panga and Himalaya Men join forces against breast cancer by launching the “RemindHer” Campaign

Social Panga and Himalaya Men join forces against breast cancer by launching the “RemindHer” Campaign

Bangalore/Mumbai, 28th October 2023: Himalaya Men, a vertical of Himalaya Wellness Company, has launched #RemindHer, an initiative to raise awareness around breast cancer. Launched during October, observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the campaign urges men to reach out to women in their life to Remind them to take care of themselves.

In India, one woman in every 4 minutes gets diagnosed with Breast Cancer and Himalaya Men created a movement where men joined hands to remind the women in their lives to take the first step towards prevention and recognition through self-examination. Built on the simple insight of how in a society where women recall myriad details, from birthdays to the smallest of life’s milestones, one thing they frequently overlook is self-care.

As part of the activity, Himalaya Men has created a microsite where men can write customized messages and share the self-examination steps with women they care for. Women can also log in and take tests themselves. The site takes them through a step-by-step process on the correct method of self-diagnosis and noticing lumps. These first steps of self-examination, help in early detection and can be life-saving. To promote the website, a heart-touching film has also been made that speaks of the insight in an engaging, relatable manner.

On the launch of #RemindHer, Archana Sudarsan, Creative Director at Social Panga says, “Being a woman, I know the thought of taking care of self comes the last to our breed. This campaign is an attempt to get men to join the fight against breast cancer and give women a little more motivation to examine, investigate, and stay safe. Because if not for self, we as humans do things for others, that we love and care for. We hope to touch many lives, create more awareness, and help women stay safe.”


On launching and working on this campaign, Manik Sharma, Brand Manager, Himalaya Face Wash, says, “It is said that women don’t forget anything easily, but we often see that with their daily hustle, their health takes a back seat. October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Himalaya Men wants to make sure that Men of this nation don’t let women forget their health this time. This campaign is an urge to every man to remind every woman in his life to self-assess herself and educate other women in her life.”

On the conceptualization, launching, and working on media for this campaign, Pratheep Kumar, Media Manager Himalaya Skin Care says, “This was an exciting project to be a part of since the beginning when the team brought the idea to us. We believed in the simplicity of the insight that is commonly prevalent yet so under-represented.”

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