Social Panga and ZEISS collaborate to mark ZEISS’ first India production for the launch of ZEISS Light 2 Progressive Lenses

Social Panga and ZEISS collaborate to mark ZEISS’ first India production for the launch of ZEISS Light 2 Progressive Lenses

Bengaluru/Mumbai 27th October 2023: Recognized for its commitment to cutting-edge technology and optical excellence, ZEISS India has collaborated with Social Panga to release its latest campaign introducing its groundbreaking product ZEISS’ Light 2 Progressive lenses.

The brand has released a dynamic video experience, which is the first of its kind video production, conceptualized and executed by Social Panga under their production house The Yellow Shutter. The ad is a display of creativity, for the launch of ZEISS Light 2 Progressive lenses in the Indian market.

The ad film was approached with a desire to match the lenses’ premium, technologically advanced features with an equally high-quality visual representation. This resulted in the video not only showcasing the product but also captivating the viewer’s imagination. This collaboration is a testament to ZEISS commitment towards precision into a visual story that not only informs but also delights the audience.

The ZEISS Light 2 Progressive lenses are more than just spectacle lenses; they are a testament to ZEISS’ dedication to enhancing people’s lives through exceptional vision solutions. With features like advanced design, optimized visual fields, and seamless transitions, ZEISS Light 2 Progressive lenses offer a breakthrough experience in vision correction. They are designed to adapt effortlessly to various viewing distances, making them a perfect fit for modern, digital, and active lifestyles.

Addressing this exciting collaboration, Ritesh Dwivedi, Head of Marketing at Carl Zeiss Vision Care India, stated, “We’re all about creating cutting-edge technology and delivering top-notch optical products. Hence, we forged a collaboration with the innovative team at Social Panga to introduce our groundbreaking product in a completely novel manner – through an engaging and dynamic video experience. Social Panga’s creative prowess truly shone as they conceptualized the launch film for ZEISS Light 2 Progressive lenses, marking a historic milestone as the first-of-its-kind video production in the Asia Pacific Region. It has been an incredible journey, and we are genuinely thrilled with how this collaboration has breathed life into our vision.”

Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Panga

Himanshu Arora, Co-Founder, Social Panga, said, “ZEISS India and Social Panga’s partnership to introduce the ZEISS Light 2 Progressive Lenses through a captivating video experience was nothing short of exhilarating. To exemplify ZEISS India’s dedication to precision and innovation, we crafted a video that best represented the brand, and we are delighted to have played a pivotal role in its successful execution. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and creating more such visual stories.”

Discover the world of ZEISS Light 2 Progressive lenses through this stunning video and experience the future of vision firsthand. The campaign is released across social media platforms and has received a positive response from users.

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