SOIE’s World Menstrual Day Event: Education and Sustainable Pad Distribution with Kamakhya

SOIE’s World Menstrual Day Event: Education and Sustainable Pad Distribution with Kamakhya

Delhi, 28th May, 2024: With World Menstrual Day right around the corner, SOIE, a leading lingerie brand from Ginza Industries Ltd., in association with Kamakhya, a social enterprise dedicated to empowering women, hosted a Menstrual hygiene educational event at its Surat Factory in Sachin. The event focused on raising awareness about menstrual hygiene and empowering women through informative and personalized sessions along with the distribution of sustainable sanitary pads to a large chunk of their women workforce at the factory.


The event featured informative sessions from Kamakhya’s experts, who provided valuable insights on menstrual hygiene, dispelling common myths, stigma and stereotypes surrounding Menstruation. The informative session was followed by a Q&A segment, allowing women to engage directly with the experts. SOIE as a responsible brand and employer with 70% women workforce, additionally ensured opportunities for brief one-on-one discussions for a good number of their employees to address personal queries and concerns in regards to this subject.

On this educational initiative Amrit Sethia, VP at Ginza Industries Ltd. said, “To build an inclusive and diverse culture it is important to have a sensitive workforce who are aware of their rights and bodies and take effort to educate themselves. As a women-oriented brand, at SOIE, we recognize the importance of promoting menstrual hygiene and providing essential education and resources to women. Hence, our initiatives are dedicated to making a mark in the lives of women’s community thereby contributing in a distinguished form to society. Our collaboration with Kamakhya for this educational event is not only a step towards addressing menstrual concerns but also empowering our women employees by creating a supportive work environment.”

In addition to the educational sessions, SOIE will distribute sustainable sanitary pads to countless women employees, furthering its dedication to promoting menstrual health and well-being.

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