Successful Orbital Atherectomy Procedure in Karnataka for 67-Year-Old Woman with Coronary Blockage

Successful Orbital Atherectomy Procedure in Karnataka for 67-Year-Old Woman with Coronary Blockage

Amrita (Name changed), a 67-year-old woman was referred to Dr. Sreekanth Shetty, Senior Consultant and Head of Interventional Cardiology at Sakra World Hospital in Bengaluru, because of chest pain and breathing difficulties on exercise. She underwent preliminary evaluation in the OPD and was diagnosed with effort angina for which she underwent a Coronary Angiogram. It showed a severe narrowing of the right coronary artery and the plaque was densely calcified making it very hard.

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Under the expert direction of Dr. Shetty, Amrita underwent a successful Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) procedure, which included the use of an Orbital Atherectomy. This marked the first-ever application of this innovative technique in Karnataka.

Dr. Shetty explained, “Orbital Atherectomy is a valuable tool in addressing the challenge posed by calcified coronary lesions. These calcium deposits within the arteries often complicate stent placement during angioplasty. We employ plaque modification techniques to overcome this obstacle, which can entail using specialized balloons or rotational atherectomy.”

“Amrita required an atherectomy due to her specific nodular calcification, presenting two potential options: rotational or orbital. Orbital atherectomy was chosen, performed through the wrist artery using a smaller catheter, eliminating the need for groin artery access”, stated Dr. Shetty.

Post procedure she had an uneventful course and was discharged in two days.

Dr. Shetty noted, “Potential complications during Orbital Atherectomy encompass vessel closure and perforation. These risks are reduced through meticulous case selection and the proper handling of devices.” He also highlighted that this case represents one of the initial applications of Orbital Atherectomy in Karnataka, underscoring its effectiveness in addressing complex cardiac conditions.

Amrita expressed her gratitude towards Dr. Shetty and his team, saying, “I was quite nervous when I received my diagnosis. However, Dr. Shetty reassured me and clearly explained the procedure and the technology involved. I am very pleased with the comfortable procedure and smooth recovery “

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