Tata Power recognized with the prestigious and nationally acclaimed UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity 2023 for its efforts in biodiversity conservation

Tata Power recognized with the prestigious and nationally acclaimed UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity 2023 for its efforts in biodiversity conservation

New Delhi, 10th October 2023: With a commitment to no net loss to our biodiversity by 2030, Tata Power, India’s largest integrated power company, was bestowed with the prestigious UNDP Mahatma Award for Biodiversity 2023 at the Mahatma Award 2023 ceremony held in Delhi last week. Inspired by the spirit of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the Mahatma Award celebrates social impact leaders, change-makers, and organizations who work towards making a positive difference and leading the way to a sustainable future.

Tata Power, one of India’s largest Integrated Power companies, since its inception in 1915 has demonstrated a strong commitment to biodiversity conservation. In alignment with its mission of ‘Sustainable is Attainable’, the company recognizes the critical importance of maintaining ecological balance and has incorporated sustainability practices into its operations. Through a combination of innovative initiatives and responsible corporate practices, Tata Power aims to minimize its ecological footprint and actively contribute to preserving biodiversity. This includes initiatives like its more than 50-year-old ‘Act for Mahseer’ conservation initiative, reforestation efforts through the ‘Tree Mittra’ Program, wildlife conservation projects, and the implementation of eco-friendly technologies to reduce environmental impact.

Commenting upon this recognition, Mr. Himal Tewari, CHRO & Chief Sustainability & CSR said, “At Tata Power, we take great pride in our unwavering commitment to sustainable development and biodiversity conservation and Mahatma Award 2023 is a testament to our century old efforts. This recognition is especially critical in this day and time when climate conservation is need of the hour. We believe that the true measure of our success lies not just in the energy we generate, but in the positive impact we make on our environment and the communities we serve. We are dedicated to safeguarding habitats, protecting wildlife and vegetation, and fostering awareness within our workforce and local communities. Through our Biodiversity Action Plans and tailored projects, we strive to harmonize industry and ecology, ensuring a brighter, more sustainable future for all.”

Tata Power’s selection for the Mahatma Award 2023 is not just a recognition of their past accomplishments but also a celebration of their vision for a greener, bio-diversified, equitable, and sustainable world. The organization’s commitment to making positive change has touched the lives of many and serves as an inspiration for all. Representing Tata Power, the award was received by Mr. Pankaj Kumar Singh, Head CSR, Tata Power, and Ms. Vaishnavi Prabhakaran, Head of Sustainability Tata Power from Mr. Amit Sachdeva, Founder Mahatma Award, and ‘CSR Man of India’ at a ceremony held in New Delhi.

Several key initiatives led by Tata Power contributed to the coveted recognition. First, the “Act for Mahseer” program, a conservation movement that has been ongoing for over 50 years, is dedicated to safeguarding the endangered Deccan Mahseer, a freshwater fish species. Through continued efforts spanning more than 50 years, since 1971, the Blue Finned Mahseer is out of the IUCN red list.

Another remarkable initiative is “Tree Mittra,” a sustainability-themed community volunteering effort with a primary focus on large-scale afforestation and the preservation of native and indigenous biodiversity. Tata Power launched “Tree Mittra”, an e-volunteering initiative and afforestation program with a focus on agro-forestry with indigenous plantations for biodiversity restoration. Tata Power has planted over a million trees in India. Engaging citizens in ecological care and nutrition security, it gained momentum in states like Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Gujarat, and Karnataka. The umbrella program also covers curated initiatives like Wild Orchid conservation.

Lastly, the “Greenolution” program, a decade-long employee engagement initiative, stands out as a means to inspire and nurture employee sustainability champions within the organization. These initiatives collectively highlight Tata Power’s dedication to environmental conservation, afforestation, and employee involvement in sustainability efforts.

Key efforts taken towards attaining no net loss to biodiversity are:

· GIS mapping and assessment of Hydro’s contribution towards carbon mitigation

· Aligning our biodiversity Risk Assessment Framework with TNFD

· Elephant Conservation Corridor mapping at Odisha

· Grassland ecosystem conservation and bio-resource potential project with Bharati Vidyapeeth piloted in Neemuch Renewable Site

Tata Power’s selection as a recipient of the coveted award is based on a rigorous selection process that included a thorough evaluation and demanding jury rounds. The award is a testament to the exceptional nature of Tata Power’s efforts, the depth of their commitment, and the tangible and intangible impact the organization has on society.

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