Telehealth Redefined MediBuddy’s New Patent Win-QuAFI Signals a New Era

Telehealth Redefined MediBuddy’s New Patent Win-QuAFI Signals a New Era

National, 19 January 2024 – In a stride to revolutionise healthcare, MediBuddy, India’s largest digital healthcare platform, has been granted an Indian patent by Intellectual Property India for its real-time telehealth consultation feedback system, QuAFI. This marks a significant milestone, as the 20-year process patent underscores the unparalleled innovation embedded within MediBuddy’s real-time telehealth consultation feedback system. This patent elevates standards of doctor-patient interactions on telehealth platforms. It solidifies MediBuddy’s commitment to cutting-edge solutions and propels the nation’s digital healthcare sector into unprecedented possibilities.

MediBuddy’s patented- QuAFI- uses customised dashboards and metrics to analyse key parameters of teleconsultations such as communication, user experience, and consultation quality. Enabling an unprecedented level of quality growth, QuAFI delivers instant, personalised, and context-specific feedback to doctors, empowering them to enhance their skills seamlessly during consultations. This transformative approach elevates patient experiences and health outcomes and cultivates enduring trust among users, heralding a new era in healthcare interaction and excellence.

Some key aspects of MediBuddy’s innovative system:

● First-of-its-kind in India for telehealth consultations

● Plug-and-play model that can be integrated with any telehealth platform

● Addresses gaps in current physician training concerning patient communication

● Enables continuous learning and skills enhancement for doctors

● Improves consistency and quality of remote patient care

“MediBuddy’s real-time feedback system is invaluable for doctors who offer telemedicine services. The insights help them improve communication and consultation quality for patients. The system acts like a virtual assistant, providing insights to improve the doctor-patient communication, mannerisms, line of questioning, and prescription quality during consultation. This augments a doctor’s ability to pick up every nuance in a virtual consultation – enhancing diagnoses and treatment. After the deployment of the feedback system, we have witnessed our patients’ satisfaction level increase positively”, said Dr.Gowri Kulkarni, Head of Medical Operations, MediBuddy.

MediBuddy has actively deployed this technology across its platform for 2 years now. The system enables regular feedback to doctors on ongoing consultations, empowering continuous enhancement of their patient communication and care abilities. The tangible impact is reflected in MediBuddy’s stellar patient satisfaction scores and powered by the feedback system.

MediBuddy was able to elevate its Net Promoter Score to over 50 and get a rating of 4.65 out of 5 – a testament to tech-enabled healthcare delivery benefiting end users.

QuAFI will help MediBuddy ensure that all doctors can provide quality care and experience to every patient seeking help through the platform. The team is also creating prescription quality-based real-time feedback systems to help improve the overall clinical outcomes for the patient.

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