The Multix VA 20 redefines diagnostic capabilities and advances CMH’s radiology capabilities manifold

The Multix VA 20 redefines diagnostic capabilities and advances CMH’s radiology capabilities manifold

Bangalore, 18th October – Chinmaya Mission Hospital (CMH) has achieved a historic milestone by bringing in a state-of-the-art Multix VA 20 X-Ray machine, marking a giant leap in diagnosis and treatment. This is a first-of-its-kind X-Ray Machine in Bengaluru, and South India and only the third such machine all over India.

The inauguration ceremony, graced by the presence of His Holiness Shri Brahmananda Swamiji and Shri Gopal Hosur, Chief Executive of CMH, reaffirmed CMH’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare to all sections of society.

The event was attended by Dr. U. Sudhir, Medical Director of CMH, and the entire staff, signifying the hospital’s dedication to excellence in patient care and diagnostic capabilities. This cutting-edge medical imaging equipment integrates advanced AI and precision technology to revolutionize diagnostic accuracy and speed.

The Multix VA 20 X-Ray Machine brings forth a new era in healthcare. Reduced radiation exposure ensures enhanced patient care, while its ability to provide faster and more precise imaging is a boon for challenging orthopedic cases and trauma cases.

With the installation of this groundbreaking machine, CMH’s Radiology team stands among the best in the nation. The new machine not only improves diagnostic capabilities but also empowers the team to provide quicker and more accurate assessments.

“Chinmaya Mission Hospital has always been at the forefront of delivering exceptional healthcare services,” said Dr. U. Sudhir, MBBS, MD (Medicine) and Medical Director and consultant Physician. “With the installation of the Multix VA 20 X-Ray Machine, we are redefining the standards of patient care, diagnosis, and comfort.”

As a mission hospital, CMH is dedicated to serving the underserved sections of society. The Multix VA 20 X-Ray Machine enhances patient access to the latest medical technology, ensuring that even those with limited means can benefit from the best healthcare. This remarkable machine has the capacity to benefit over 1,000 patients in a single day, a monumental increase compared to other conventional machines, which typically accommodate only 100-150 patients daily.

Key Features of the Multix VA 20 X-Ray Machine:

· AI-Powered Diagnoses: Utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI), the RAD Companion technology ensures accurate and efficient diagnoses.

· 3D Imaging: An integrated 3D camera enhances the precision of examinations.

· Patient-Centric Design: Ergonomics and an elevating table facilitate easy patient transfer and comfort.

· Reproducible Results: Digital Radiography guarantees consistent and reproducible imaging.

· High-Quality Imaging: The machine captures high-quality images, bolstering diagnostic confidence.

· Precise Tube Control: Tube Side Control Mode (TCM) allows for precise control and positioning.

· User-Friendly Interface: The touch user interface (TUI) ensures intuitive system operation.

· Customizable Settings: Flexible system settings cater to diverse clinical needs.

· Enhanced Security: High cybersecurity standards protect patient data and privacy.

· Global Support: Siemens offers optimal worldwide service coverage, ensuring continuous support.

· Organ-Specific Programs: Graphical Organ programs (OGP) enhance imaging precision.

· Accurate Positioning: A digital positioning guide aids in precise patient positioning.

· Workflow Acceleration: Automation features accelerate workflows, reducing wait times for patients.

The Multix VA 20 X-Ray Machine inauguration at CMH marks a significant step toward delivering advanced healthcare services to the community.

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