There is No Age Restriction for Health Insurance Now : IRDAI

There is No Age Restriction for Health Insurance Now : IRDAI

There is No Age Restriction for Health Insurance Now : IRDAI

24th April 2024 – The Insurance Regulatory of India, (IRDAI) The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has shattered barriers in the health insurance landscape, ensuring that age and pre-existing medical conditions no longer hinder access to crucial healthcare coverage. Starting from April 1, IRDAI’s monumental decision has opened doors for individuals of all ages, including senior citizens well into their 80s and 90s, to procure comprehensive health insurance policies. The abolition of the maximum age restriction on purchasing health insurance plans marks a significant shift towards a more inclusive and accessible healthcare ecosystem. Previously, individuals faced a daunting cutoff at the age of 65, limiting their ability to secure essential health coverage.

This move by IRDAI underscores a commitment to expanding the market and ensuring adequate protection for all segments of the population. By eliminating age restrictions, the regulator aims to empower individuals across generations to proactively safeguard their health and financial well-being through insurance. One of the most noteworthy aspects of IRDAI’s directive is the mandate for insurance companies to provide coverage to individuals with pre-existing medical conditions. This change means that insurers cannot deny coverage to those dealing with serious health issues such as cancer, heart or kidney failure, and AIDS. This provision not only alleviates the burden on individuals facing health challenges but also promotes a more compassionate and equitable insurance landscape.

The declaration of IRDAI’s decision is profound, offering peace of mind to countless individuals and families across the nation. No longer will age or medical history serve as insurmountable obstacles to accessing essential healthcare coverage. Instead, every Indian now has the opportunity to secure comprehensive protection against medical emergencies and expenses, regardless of their age or health status.

Quote by Prasun Sikdar, Chief Executive Officer, ManipalCigna Health Insurance:

“We welcome the transformative stride taken by the IRDAI towards creating inclusivity in the healthcare ecosystem. The removal of the age cap on health insurance policies will provide senior citizens with complete peace of mind, knowing that they have access to quality healthcare when they need it most during the golden years of their lives.

At ManipalCigna, we stand committed to helping seniors live their best lives, and to do so recently we launched ‘Prime Senior’ plan that gives flexibility with lower waiting periods and provides coverage for pre-existing disease conditions from the 91st day onwards. Thus, understanding the evolving needs of seniors and the rising medical inflation, we welcome this pivotal change, recognizing it as an opportunity to extend our unwavering support to the elderly in safeguarding their health and well-being.”

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