Thirteen LVPEI Scientists Featured in the World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists

Thirteen LVPEI Scientists Featured in the World Ranking of Top 2% Scientists

Hyderabad, October 2023: A study conducted by Stanford University has recognized twelve scientists from the L V Prasad Eye Institute (LVPEI) as among the top 2% of scientists worldwide in the field of Ophthalmology. These distinguished scientists are:

1. Dr Gullapalli N Rao

2. Prof D Balasubramanian

3. Dr Savitri Sharma

4. Prof Jill Keeffe

5. Dr Prashant Garg

6. Prof/Dr Mohammad Javed Ali

7. Dr Anil K Mandal

8. Dr Swathi Kaliki

9. Dr Rohit Khanna

10. Dr Taraprasad Das

11. Dr Sayan Basu

12. Dr Raja Narayanan

Additionally, Dr Shivaji Sisinthy, Director Emeritus of Research, is recognized in the field of Microbiology.

LVPEI Thirteen Scientists

This remarkable achievement marks the fourth consecutive year that LVPEI scientists have been listed among the top 2% of eminent researchers globally. Dr Sayan Basu, Director of Research at L V Prasad Eye Institute, commented, “Research at LVPEI is based on the core values of putting the patient first and pursuing excellence through inclusivity and togetherness while maintaining the highest ethical standards. The institute’s research activities are not limited to clinical studies but also include public health, basic science, vision research, and cutting-edge translational studies involving stem cells, gene-editing, and 3D tissue printing.”

Notably, seven of the LVPEI scientists have earned this distinction in the field of Ophthalmology based on their lifetime citations:

1. Dr Gullapalli N Rao, Founder, and Distinguished Chair of Eye Health

2. Prof D Balasubramanian, Director Emeritus, Research

3. Dr Savitri Sharma, Director Emeritus, Laboratory Services

4. Prof Jill Keeffe, Visiting Professor

5. Dr Prashant Garg, Executive Chair

6. Prof/Dr Mohammad Javed Ali, Senior Oculoplastic Clinician and Scientist

7. Dr Anil K Mandal, Senior Glaucoma Clinician and Scientist

Dr. Rao, Dr. Sharma, Prof Keeffe, Dr. Garg, Dr. Ali, and Dr. Mandal also feature in the top 2% based on the most recent citations in 2022, along with five other senior clinicians and scientists from LVPEI:

1. Dr Swathi Kaliki, Head, Eye Cancer Services

2. Dr Rohit Khanna, Director, Public Health

3. Dr Taraprasad Das, Emeritus Vice Chair

4. Dr Sayan Basu, Director, Research

5. Dr Raja Narayanan, Director, Clinical Research

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