Trilife Hospital to Skill Second Line Healthcare Professionals in Lung Ultrasound

Trilife Hospital to Skill Second Line Healthcare Professionals in Lung Ultrasound

Bengaluru 10th October 2023: A pioneering day-long workshop, part of the 16th National Conference of the Indian Association of Respiratory Care (IARC), RESCARE’23 on ‘Point of Care Ultrasound’ and ‘The evolving scientific role of lung ultrasound in respiratory care’ was held at Trilife Hospital today, featuring an illustrious lineup of speakers, including Dr. Bhargav M, Chief Consultant Intensivist at Trilife Hospital, Bengaluru, Dr. Manjush Karthika, Program Director of Respiratory Care, Department of Health and Medical Sciences,(Khawarizmi International College, AbuDhabi, UAE), Ms.Mahera Tabassum, Senior In-charge Respiratory Therapist, Trilife Hospital, Bengaluru and Mrs. Kumari Sulochana, Senior In-charge Respiratory Therapist, Bharati Hospital, Pune.

As one of the largest national conferences of its kind, RESCARE’23 provides a unique platform for professionals to exchange ideas, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions to the challenges facing the field of respiratory care. The use of ultrasound in respiratory care was the central theme of the workshop, and Dr. Bhargav highlighted its pivotal role in respiratory care, stating “Ultrasound has emerged as an extremely valuable tool for us to understand what is happening inside the lungs. It’s like having a vision into the lungs, allowing us to diagnose and treat patients more effectively.

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Using ultrasound for respiratory care has shown shorter ventilator stays, reduced hospitalization times, and decreased complications. It also minimizes the risk of infections in the hospital, enabling quicker and more accurate bedside diagnoses. We are going to train these professionals to acquire the skills and insights needed to provide the best and optimal respiratory care. They will become a strong support for the first-line doctors in the ICU” he explained. All speakers stressed the importance of training healthcare professionals to use ultrasound effectively and concurred that the introduction of respiratory care as a holistic and comprehensive approach to patient care would transform healthcare in India. Doctors believe this will elevate the standards of hospitals and enhance the quality of healthcare across the nation.

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“Respiratory care is going to benefit society at large because we are going to strengthen the second line health workforce. During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a significant shortage of healthcare professionals, especially those skilled in respiratory care. These professionals proved to be a powerful second line workforce, crucial in managing ventilators and optimizing lung health. India faces a significant shortage of doctors, with a doctor-to-population ratio among the lowest in the world. While we have advanced technology, it is essential to have professionals who can harness this technology effectively. Youngsters are showing a positive response to the importance of ultrasound in providing better respiratory care. This holistic approach aims to optimize lung health, reduce mortality, shorten hospital stays, and decrease hospitalization costs” Dr. Bhargav added.

The workshop underscores the commitment of doctors and healthcare professionals to continually improve patient care through innovative techniques and technologies, making strides in elevating respiratory care standards for the benefit of all.

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