Vieroots Wellness Solutions to Unveil India’s First Human Performance Optimization Programs

Vieroots Wellness Solutions to Unveil India’s First Human Performance Optimization Programs

Vieroots Wellness Solutions to Unveil India’s First Human Performance Optimization ProgramsMumbai, 28th February 2024:  Vieroots Wellness Solutions, a leading health-tech company specializing in AI based personalized geno-metabolic wellness solutions, is launching India’s pioneering Human Performance Optimization (HPO) programs and products. These innovative initiatives are poised to revolutionize physical, emotional, and cognitive performance through the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as personalized epigenetic lifestyle modifications, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, big data and wearablesVieroots offers a comprehensive range of HPO products, solutions, tools, supplements, books, resources, programs, training, certified courses, and career opportunities tailored to individual needs.

The Human Performance Optimization (HPO) program aims to transform lives whatever be a client’s age, lifestyle or health metrics. Leveraging AI, IoT & Big Data, the program enhances performance and happiness levels, empowering individuals to face challenges fearlessly. This transformative approach for the mind, body & brain will benefit the young, the middle aged & the seniors, across challenging roles like entrepreneurs, managers, engineers, doctors, teachers, professionals, students, sports teams, sales teams, and even homemakers – providing the tools to excel professionally even while maintaining the highest level of happiness.

Commenting on the significance of HPO, Sajeev Nair, Founder, Vieroots Wellness Solutions, said, “Health-tech is growing exponentially now, with wearables now capable of accurately reading even human emotions. Unfortunately, the vast health data generated by wearables often goes waste due to the lack of a concerted framework for the client’s benefit. Vieroots addresses this gap through our Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Programs, leveraging our unique expertise in personalized geno-metabolic lifestyles, AI, wearables and data analytics. In fact, Vieroots was the first health-tech company in India to analyze and utilize the potential of complex genetic data for life transformation. Our commitment is not just in identifying the health risks early on, but in providing comprehensive and research-validated lifestyle modifications proven to mitigate these risks effectively.”

Vieroots Wellness Solutions is already known in the industry for analyzing complex personal health data including genetic and metabolic inputs, in its flagship product EPLIMO, which employs a self-administered home-based genetic test and a detailed metabolic assessment. Utilizing AI tools, it also detects geno-metabolic risks for developing over 250 lifestyle diseases, years or even decades before they hit. The company has also introduced in India the KardiaMobile 6L by AliveCor, the only US FDA-cleared 6-lead pocket ECG machine globally, in a pendrive like form factor.

The company’s success with EPLIMO among both consumers and doctors have led to specialized programs, including the Vieroots DNA Based Weight Loss Program. Now, with the launch of HPO products and solutionsVieroots aims to transform lives positively by providing a disease-free long life with high energy and productivity levels, all the while maintaining a high happiness quotient and spiritual calm.

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